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Decarbonization Acceleration Fund

This Fund provides growth capital to companies with proven technologies and business models that have achieved initial commercialization and are on the cusp of greater adoption that may propel their emissions reduction impact delivery.  The Fund has a targeted GHG reduction of 200 MT of incremental cumulative CO2e reduction1  and seeks to deliver an attractive risk-adjusted return. It invests principally in North America and Europe with an allocation to rest of the world.

The Fund invests in line with Climate Investment’s core three themes of methane reduction, CO2 emissions reduction and carbon capture, recycling and storage. It commits capital to decarbonization opportunities within energy, industrials, including agriculture, transportation, and the built environment.

This Fund is raising capital from both OGCI members as well as external investors.

This Fund offers a distinct proposition to its LPs who are encouraged to participate as actively as possible, contribute and share insights with the GP and other LPs.

1 Based on a $750m Fund size

Subject to an LP’s capital commitment level, participation is available in the following:

  • Decarbonization Insights Board The DIB is a venue for strategic discussions on key sectors, technology areas, geographies and policies which help drive our investment focus and selection. This includes, but is not limited to market trends, technology trends, value chain insights, and guidance into LP strategic priorities.
  • Commercialization Access & Opportunities Committee The CAOC is a focal point for business development efforts in support of portfolio companies. Discussions will encompass a range of topics with webinars / sessions introducing new portfolio companies, new developments in existing portfolio companies, adoption of products and services, and considerations of barriers to adoption.
  • Annual Investor Conference More than a regular GP annual investor meeting, the LP Conference is an annual meeting for LPs, portfolio companies across all CI Funds as well as C-suite level invitees from CI’s global partnership networks.
  • Co-investment opportunities Co-investment opportunities may be offered at the GP’s discretion according to an investor’s LPA.