Portfolio Companies

Climate Investment currently has over 35 innovative companies in its portfolio across energy-intensive sectors: energy systems, buildings, transport and industry, including cement, steel, chemicals, power and agriculture.

Many of these portfolio companies have integrated artificial intelligence (“AI”) within physical technologies to deliver the most efficient and low-emitting solutions. Find out more about them.
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Key Data
75F-Logo-e1685456988359 75F-Logo-e1685456988359

75F provides an Internet of Things (IoT)-based building management system that uses sensors, controls, and software to measure and optimize energy use, which materially saves both money and CO2 emissions for its customers. Commercial buildings are the fourth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide, and 75F’s award-winning product makes them smarter and cleaner.

Venture Capital - North America, Asia

Year Founded:


CI invested:



Deepinder Singh, Founder and CEO


US, India and Singapore

Key Data
achates-power-logo achates-power-logo

Achates Power’s opposed-piston engine design is more efficient than conventional engines, so that an engine consumes less fuel and emits commensurately less CO2. And because Achates’s opposed-piston engine design is mechanically simple and eliminates many of the parts found in conventional engines, it costs less to manufacture. This means a customer purchasing an opposed-piston engine for a long-haul heavy truck or off-road equipment could pay less for the engine and save money operating it.

Venture Capital - North America

Year Founded:


CI invested:



David Crompton, CEO


San Diego, California (US)

Key Data
CI-Aeroseal-full-logo-2023 CI-Aeroseal-full-logo-2023

Aeroseal is a software-enabled energy efficiency solution provider with patented sealing technologies for commercial and residential buildings. Its simple and effective industry-leading products seal air leaks safely and can reduce the energy consumption of a building by 30%. The unique and innovative award-winning solution blows a sticky polymer that finds, then sticks to and seals air leaks through walls and ducts. Aeroseal also plans expansion beyond buildings into gas pipelines and into new geographic markets, having already deployed its products in over 260,000 buildings to date.

Venture Capital - North America

Year Founded:


CI invested:



Amit Gupta, CEO


Ohio, US

Key Data
andium andium

Andium is an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), award-winning company providing remote-field monitoring and communications technology. It allows oil and gas companies to continuously monitor flaring activity and reduce emissions. Andium’s extraordinarily easy-to-deploy technology takes 30 readings per second and sends confirmatory, auditable data back to a customer in real time, rendering about 85% of site visits unnecessary.

Venture Capital - North America

Year Founded:


CI invested:



Jory Schwach, Founder and CEO


New York

Portfolio commercialization

Having invested in a high-potential innovation, we then drive its market adoption through Climate Investment’s global network. Our engaged post-investment model is focused on accelerating market adoption and generating impact at scale.

We have a dedicated team of market acceleration specialists in our Commercialization Team who focus on driving financial and impact success in the following ways:

  • Market research and deployment opportunity identification (high-potential opportunities identified to support portfolio companies’ business development)
  • Actioning identified deployment opportunities (introductions, business development, knowledge sharing, deployment facilitation)
  • Support for LP Deployment Champions whose role is to facilitate deployment opportunities within their firms’ operations
  • Access to our Insights Platform
  • Support for LP deployment champions whose role is to facilitate deployment opportunities within their firms operations
  • Opportunities for best practice learning to develop sales, marketing and investment pitching skills
  • Input and advice on strategy, business planning, revenue, market development and customer expansion initiatives
  • Introductory workshops with Climate Investment’s network of customers, usually hosted a few weeks after our initial investment, to promote that company’s solution to informed potential customers
  • Showcase opportunities at leading industry events
  • Access to our global ecosystem
  • Media and social media amplification and support

We have an in-depth understanding of how each portfolio company’s technologies and business models are differentiated relative to their competition. In combination with our knowledge of customer opportunity gaps, we can guide our innovators towards the most attractive and receptive target markets.

0 deployments in total at Q1 2024
Of those, 0 deployments with member companies
0 Pilots
0 Commercial contracts
and supported 0 other deployments with non-member companies.

Decarbonization Success stories

These examples are portfolio companies in Catalyst Fund I, an unregulated and proprietary fund managed by CI.
These case studies were published on the dates shown in the original document to which the links have been provided above.

Portfolio company testimonials

CIimate Investment’s support has been pivotal in enabling us to demonstrate this technology in the field, which is an important step in advancing the technology toward commercialization.

Claude Letourneau, President and CEO of Svante

We see CIimate Investment as our secret weapon for winning in our industry. Other players are only guessing what the industry needs, while we can make one call to CI and know with certainty exactly what our customers need. With CI as our partner, we can arrange a conversation with any player at any company in the industry.

Greg Rotenberg, Insight M (formerly Kairos Aerospace) CEO

We need to be able to access the C-level of different companies, and Climate Investment is helping on that front with its member companies, while also having a team inside CI helping us access those decision makers in order to accelerate the path to deployment.

Vincent Sciandra, METRON CEO

From Climate Investment, you get all the benefits of the strategic investor, but none of the downsides, because it is independent, yet you have access to the deeply technical and scientific membership base. Even before investing, the firm was critical in helping us understand the impact we are having on the industry. First and foremost, it was the chemistry of the team, which had a deeply scientific approach to the problem, and a lot of expertise around decarbonization and around how to assess and actually measure the impact.

Raphael Scheps, Converge CEO

As a start-up technology company, the challenges are getting connected to the customer and to getting to scale, and CI gives us the opportunity to interact with industry through its contacts and connections. When you have a great idea, it’s always difficult to transition to implementation, because customers want ‘big’ to begin with. But you have to start really small to get big, and CI appreciates that, it understands that space, and that's very helpful.

Russell Hill, Solidia’s CEO

The KeyState project is better in innumerable ways because of CI’s investment of time and money. KeyState was taken through the ringer for two years by CI and we are a better project in every way for it.

Perry Babb, KeyState’s CEO

The opportunity to partner with Climate Investment provides the capital and strategic relationships to bring nickel-zinc batteries into new global growth segments.

Tim Hysell, ZincFive CEO and Co-Founder

Climate Investment has been established to look for climate solutions in a serious way. So, it's important to be associated with it... The relationship has been very good since day one.

Tadeu Carneiro, Boston Metals CEO

For us, Climate Investment has provided access to each of its member companies, as well as enabling us to enter multiple different large supply chains, in a way that we, ourselves a small business, would not have been able to do efficiently. And of course, the financing brought to us by CI has helped accelerate our business plan.

Stephane Germain, GHGSat President

* Throughout this website, Climate Investment and CI are used interchangeably.
Each testimonial was provided in the period 2022-2023 by a portfolio company in
Catalyst Fund I, an unregulated and proprietary fund managed by CI and is reproduced
with permission of each company. No portfolio company was compensated for
the testimonial provided, but potential conflicts of interest associated with
the statements made by portfolio companies may arise. The portfolio companies
are owned by funds managed by CI and may seek additional capital in the future.

Seeking capital?

Are you a company or a project looking for investment? We actively encourage innovators to consider Climate Investment for potential investment. If you are raising early-stage through to early-growth capital, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.