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Thank you for your interest in Climate Investment. We invest in solutions to decarbonize sectors including energy production, industry including agriculture, buildings and transportation. We look for outcomes that reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions and store or recycle carbon dioxide. We invest in innovative companies with technologies, business models and projects that can lower carbon footprints.

We are looking for projects and supporting technologies that are either near or at commercialization and can be deployed at scale to have a rapid impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We actively support these companies and projects in achieving commercial success by using the expertise and resources of OGCI member companies, other investors and our broader network.

Our Catalyst Fund I has broad flexibility in terms of investment models and no pre-set allocation between types of investment. We are mandated to invest in a blend of start-ups, joint ventures and development or scale-up projects. Outside of Catalyst Fund I, we also invest in companies and business models at a more advanced stage of development that are seeking growth capital. Please fill out this form so we can identify if your investment request fits these criteria.

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Since OGCI Climate Investments LLP and its members and affiliates (“the Company”) does not wish to receive or hold any submitted materials “in confidence”, it is agreed that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is to be established between the submitter and the Company with respect to the submitted ideas and materials. It may be necessary to refer a submission to a number of persons in the Company, therefore secrecy cannot be promised even though there is ordinarily no intention of giving publicity to submissions. The submitter agrees that the Company is not bound by restrictions on use or disclosure of submitted ideas, except for claims arising under patents. This agreement, and the relationship established hereunder, shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the internal laws of England and Wales.