75F: Over 20% energy efficiency gains in a HOM showroom

12 January 2021

Climate Investment

75F delivers significant energy savings to commercial buildings with predictive, proactive automation of HVAC and lighting systems through a suite of wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software.

HOM-Furniture-Building_01 HOM-Furniture-Building_01


For large retail premises, energy consumption is often among the primary operating expenses. HOM Furniture, one of North America’s largest furniture retailers, started tracking utility and energy data across its portfolio of stores back in 2010, using data from EnergyPrint, a cloud-based energy management software.


Analyzing the data, HOM decided to replace an existing 10-year-old rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit at its Minnesota showroom. It opted for a self-optimizing system from 75F, which maximizes use of ambient outside temperatures in spring and autumn, whilst limiting excessive outside air conditioning. Smart sensor upgrades enable remote monitoring and control, as well as advanced scheduling and setback capabilities.


In the year following installation, the 75F HVAC controls reduced energy costs at the showroom by 21.1%, a saving of almost $50,000. The building’s energy consumption dropped by 21.4%, far ahead of projected pre-installation calculations.

Expanding impact

The 75F and EnergyPrint collaboration can identify other properties where upgrades will offer an affordable solution to improve building efficiency and prove financial results.