BP – Mapping and capping methane emissions with Kairos Aerospace

18 September 2020

Climate Investment

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When bp announced its ambition to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero, it outlined an aim to install methane measurement at all of its existing major oil and gas processing sites by 2023, publish the data and then drive a 50% reduction in the methane intensity of its operations. In furtherance of this aim, bp expanded its existing relationship with Kairos Aerospace, enlisting the company to survey onshore oil and gas operations in the USA.


Using aircraft mounted high-resolution infrared imaging, Kairos is conducting quarterly campaigns of bp’s assets searching for methane leaks. Kairos is capable of surveying hundreds of square miles a day to locate and quantify emission sources.


The data collected, combined with bp’s automated work management system, are enabling teams to find and repair leaks as well as prioritize maintenance of the most common emission sources. In Q3 2020 bp expanded the use of the technology to its assets in the Permian, Haynesville, and Eagle Ford basins.

Expanding Impact

Academic research has shown that more than half of all methane emissions from oil and gas sites come from a small number of large sources. Using technology for regular checks to find them early and fix them is the most effective way to reduce emissions. With investment and support from OGCI Climate Investment, Kairos Aerospace is rapidly scaling up operations to offer their service across North America to both OGCI members and the broader oil industry.