Climate Investment and partners launch project to assess potential emissions impact of nascent technologies

22 June 2021

Climate Investment

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Climate Investment and partners have today released a paper exploring how investors can better assess the future greenhouse gas emissions impact of the climate related investments they are making.

The paper explores how assessing potential future emissions impact differs from assessing past emissions and offers a sketch of how investors, climate innovators, and experts can collaborate to build shared approaches, tools, and more.

While operators do have ways to assess current and past emissions, similar tools and methodologies for assessing the potential future impact of nascent technologies or business solutions are relatively new and could greatly benefit from collective thinking.

To ensure a broad range of perspectives on the issue, Climate Investment has been part of a working group with AutodeskPrime CoalitionBridges FundBoston Consulting Group, and Energy Impact Partners dedicated to exploring how we can better direct capital to solutions that will make the biggest impact on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the future.

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