Decarbonizing Aviation – Flying high towards low emissions

6 April 2023

Climate Investment

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It’s virtually impossible to imagine our life without planes, be it cargo aircraft that deliver goods or commercial planes that fly us to holiday and business destinations.

But this convenience comes at a significant cost, and not just in terms of money: the aviation industry is powered by fuels from fossil sources, and CO2 emissions from the sector account for as much as 3% of global CO2 emissions. In fact, a single economy seat on a flight from Boston to San Francisco produces 250-350 kg of CO2 emissions[1]. Without significant intervention, those emissions are likely to almost triple by the middle of the century.

The good news is there are several pathways to start making meaningful progress. Read our latest sector brief written by Climate Investment’s Technology Principal, Betty Pun, and contributing author Kimberly Mar, Senior Investment Associate.