Climate Investment presents Decarbonization Summit at SuperReturn International

1 June 2022

Climate Investment

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  • Eight of OGCI Climate Investment’s portfolio companies are presenting at SuperReturn International in Berlin, sharing insights from the cutting edge of climate change innovation
  • Presentations by OGCI CI executives, Dr. Pratima Rangarajan, CEO, Matthew Harwood, Chief Strategy Officer and Joshua Haacker, Chief Investment Officer, will cover how OGCI CI’s model is focused on driving greenhouse gas reduction at scale, reporting transparently and maximizing the potential for impact

On June 14th, OGCI Climate Investment (OGCI CI), a specialist decarbonisation investor, will host the Decarbonisation Summit at SuperReturn International Berlin.

During the Summit, which takes place in the morning, OGCI CI executives and the CEOs and senior representatives of eight companies in the investment firm’s portfolio will provide the audience with insights from the cutting edge of climate change innovation.

The Summit’s agenda features keynote presentations by OGCI CI executives, soapbox pitches from portfolio companies and panel discussions on the available solutions that are delivering greenhouse gas emissions impact.

Speaking ahead of the Summit, Dr. Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of OGCI Climate Investment, said: “We have created the Decarbonisation Summit, in partnership with SuperReturn International, to bring our knowledge about climate change innovation and reporting to the private markets industry. I encourage all attendees to come along and learn more about OGCI CI and the capabilities of our portfolio companies.”

Matthew Harwood, Chief Strategy Office of OGCI CI, will present the investment firm’s latest work on standardizing impact performance measurement. Mr. Harwood’s talk will cover the importance of common metrics and tools, how OGCI CI approaches the challenge and why it is important for the investment community to have a robust method for identifying the most impactful solutions in the market.