Our Culture

We are One Global Team that is motivated to work with optimism, integrity, and urgency to accelerate GHG reduction.

We follow a common set of principles:

Share an ambitious purpose


Support and encourage each other


Explore possibilities, are agile and embrace change


Collaborate within and across sectors to inspire action


Communicate our confidence and are transparent on our impact


Recognize progress, have fun and celebrate success

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There was a 74% response rate to the 2022 voluntary and anonymous survey which covered colleagues at both Climate Investment and OGCI. No respondent identifies as non-binary or specified that their gender identity is different to that assigned at birth. The data presented is a snapshot of a comprehensive assessment that was conducted during Q4 2022.

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Our One Team culture underpins a firmwide commitment to promote and embrace diversity, equality and inclusion (“DEI”) across our business. We strive to create a progressive environment where our colleagues feel respected, empowered to contribute fully and to reach their potential.

Tackling the climate crisis is an immense challenge and it needs innovative technologies to scale, and scale fast to achieve global commitments. High performing companies thrive on diversity of thought, experience and culture. We actively promote these factors because we believe they will help our business to achieve its goals, attract and motivate exceptional talent and drive success for our investors and investees.

In 2022, we undertook our first detailed Inclusive Growth Program assessment, moderated by an independent external consultant. The objective was to provide a foundation for our diversity & inclusion strategy, which will be sponsored by our Leadership Team, led by a senior coalition to define our DEI agenda, then activated by an employee-driven inclusion council to inspire and drive ground-up change. This will be three-year development strategy.


At Climate Investment we:

Strive for inclusivity
and embrace diversity

Collaborate, encourage and respect other perspectives

Acknowledge wide ranging expertise, skills & experience in a professional environment

Value individuals and their contribution to the team culture

Performance management and a focus on safety at work are prioritized and high performance is recognized and rewarded appropriately

What ourteam says

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with the diverse group of individuals at our organization. The team consists of highly intelligent and passionate individuals who are deeply committed to our mission. Their dedication to tackling climate change is truly inspiring. Additionally, I find great fulfillment in the daily challenges that arise, as they provide continuous learning opportunities.

Kimberly Mar, Senior Investment Associate

What truly stands out for me at CI is the exceptional talent and expertise of our team members. Not only do we share a common vision and values, but we also foster a supportive and enjoyable work environment. It's a privilege to work alongside such wonderful individuals on a daily basis.

James Mackey, Managing Director, Project Capital

One of the most exciting aspects of working at CI is the opportunity to witness ground-breaking companies and innovations first hand. We have the privilege of glimpsing into the future and seeing what the world will be like in the next decade. It's an incredible experience that fuels my passion for our work.

Richard Searle, Impact Associate

The incredible team at Climate Investment has been instrumental in making my experience here truly fantastic. The spirit of collaboration is pervasive, as we support each other across departments, whether it's organizing events, managing operations, or venturing into new territories. Over the past four years, I've witnessed remarkable personal growth and development within my role.

Emma Broad, Executive Assistant

For someone like me who spent nearly 30 years in the oil and gas service industry, joining Climate Investment was a significant decision. The opportunity to contribute to industrial de-carbonization and combat climate change aligned perfectly with my personal passion. It was an easy choice to make, and I'm grateful to be part of such a meaningful mission.

David Horsup, Managing Director, Technology

Opportunities at Climate Investment

Our aim is to attract, develop and retain people with exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds and industries, who bring different perspectives and ideas, fostering creativity and innovation, in an environment where forward-thinking is encouraged.

You will be collaborating with colleagues who are entrepreneurial, dynamic, and motivated about making a visible, quantifiable, near-term impact on accelerating a low carbon economy.

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