How METRON is helping Danone achieve its sustainability goals

28 June 2022

Climate Investment

metron-danone metron-danone

OGCI Climate Investments’ portfolio company METRON helps big firms in different sectors of the economy to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. The firms are able to digitize their assets and optimize them by using METRON’s digital platform. METRON utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to measure the performance range of a wide variety of power-intense motors, pumps, fans or industrial machine tools. METRON has a dataset that allows for scenario planning across wide enterprises. The company’s solution is highly efficient, as it provides single platform visibility across a customer’s multiple industrial facilities, which enables customers to see what’s going on in each facility.

Danone, a global food and beverages group, adopted METRON’s digital intelligence platform at one of its factories in 2016. Since then, it has deployed it at dozens its sites, and METRON is in the process of deploying the solution at the rest of Danone’s 200+ factories around the world, from New Zealand to Mexico. METRON’s solution has helped Danone achieve up to 15% energy savings using its existing data.

Hero_image_Metron_Danone_case_study Hero_image_Metron_Danone_case_study


Danone is a global leader with a unique health-focused portfolio in food and beverages. It intends to become carbon neutral by 2050 and a net carbon zero company on its full value chain. To achieve these goals, it had to change its working processes in order to improve its energy performance.

Before using METRON’s EMOS (Energy Management and Optimization System), multiple data platforms were being used and access to data was limited. A lot of time was absorbed by data extraction and identifying energy optimization strategies. There was no tool to support real-time response to abnormal behavior of machinery, KPIs were too general and not specific to individual equipment.

Image_Metron_Danone_case_study Image_Metron_Danone_case_study


When METRON’s solution was introduced, all the data was aggregated into one platform where it became easy to visualize via clear dashboards. This now facilitates access to data at all levels of the company, even with plants which have different digital maturity levels.

The METRON EMOS also provides a solution because it saves teams time and effort due to real-time data collection, visualization and analysis, so teams can focus their efforts on energy improvements, optimizations and more specific and transparent KPI calculations.

Team cohesion has been improved thanks to the centralized database and tool, and immediate energy consumption tracking and drift detection now allows for instantaneous responses when needed.


As a result of Danone’s implementation of the METRON solution, the food and beverage leader has been able to save on energy, CO2 and expenditure, with savings between 4% and 15% per year on the energy bill of each site.

Thanks to automated reporting, Danone has also been able to save resources, including five-man days per month. Energy transparency has also improved owing to more defined and complex KPIs which are now much easier to manage and automatically calculated, and this has resulted in more time spent on improvements rather than data collection and analysis.

Expanding impact

Thanks to METRON, Danone has already become much closer to reaching its ambitious carbon neutral targets. Overall, the METRON solution has helped the company improve energy performance, efficiency and costs, which in turn can help it meet even more of its sustainability goals, including the obtention and retention of the ISO 50001 certification and the external GREEN audit certificate.